Daniel Goleman’s Six Leadership Styles

Are you aware of what leadership style or styles you are currently using?

If the answer to this is no then great news! Learning what the leadership styles are is easy and will 100% help you to quickly become a more efficient and effective leader.

There are so many different leadership theories and lots of them are very good, so why is Daniel Goleman’s six leadership styles worth looking at? To answer this you need to know a bit about Daniel Goleman and why he is known throughout the world as a leader in his field.

Dan Goleman

I’m a big fan of Dan Goleman’s work and with good reason, his hard work and dedication are the reason that the theories of emotional intelligence are now within easy reach of anyone with a desire to improve their understanding of emotional intelligence. When a world class Professor of psychology of 45 years writes a book or speaks on his field of expertise, those years of study and success carry a lot of weight and for anyone who has already read any of Daniel Goleman’s books you will know that his work is exhaustive, to say the least!

 Daniel Goleman’s Six Styles of Leadership

These six styles of leadership were discussed in Daniels book Primal Leadership, as stress in your environment increases you will make decisions that will have an effect on the people you interact with. Your style or a combination of different leadership styles will become clear as the effect of the what you have said or done starts to show on the people you interact with.

Daniel Goleman’s 6 Leadership Styles

For more information about the advantages and disadvantages of each of the different leadership styles and to see examples of how each of the leadership styles can be used effectively click through each of the links below.

  1. Commanding Leadership Style
  2. Visionary Leadership Style
  3. Affiliative Leadership Style
  4. Democratic Leadership Style
  5. Pacesetting Leadership Style
  6. Coaching Leadership Style

Which is the best leadership style?

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