Daniel Goleman’s Leadership Styles – What is the Best Leadership Style?

What Is The Best Leadership Style?



Successful leaders can switch between styles as situations change to find the most effective style to overcome any new challenges. People stick to what they know, but overuse of leadership styles should be avoided especially the Commanding and Pacesetting leadership styles that if used incorrectly or repeatedly can have a negative effect on the environment.



Developing Leadership Skills

Leadership Styles are skills that can be developed, the more skilled you become in each Leadership Style the more opportunities you will have to lead in the way that you want to rather than being forced to use one particular leadership style because it is the only way you can deliver the result. Take time to review your skills regularly and focus on developing any weak areas you identify. 

Understanding the six leadership styles and the strengths and limitations of each will significantly improve your ability as a leader. As your awareness of when you are using what leadership style improves you will be able to identify what you are doing that works and what isn’t and switch to another more effective style for that situation. One of the biggest advantages you can give yourself and the people you work with is to also recognize when you have used the wrong leadershistyle.

You can use a range of different leadership styles that may not be suitable but still get the same end result in the short term, however, it is your use of the correct leadership style in individual different situations that will determine how successful you and your people will be in the long term.

Leaders that master the 4 positive leadership styles (Visionary, Affiliative, Democratic and Coaching) have the best environment for peak performance of their people and subsequently deliver significantly better results.

Daniel Goleman’s 6 Leadership Styles

For more information about the advantages and disadvantages of each of the different leadership styles and to see examples of how each of the leadership styles can be used effectively click through each of the links below.

  1. Commanding Leadership Style
  2. Visionary Leadership Style
  3. Affiliative Leadership Style
  4. Democratic Leadership Style
  5. Pacesetting Leadership Style
  6. Coaching Leadership Style

Which is the best leadership style?

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