If you’re highly motivated but struggling to get where you want to go, then improving your people skills could be the key to your future success.

All of our endeavors, whatever they may be involve nurturing positive relations with the people we interact with.

What if I showed you the key interpersonal skills that used correctly will help you double your effectiveness with people?

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Communication is the ability to make your desire’s and your intentions understood clearly. Although this, in theory, sounds easy in practice you must be able to –

  • Present your message clearly and specifically in a way the other person can understand it
  • Have empathy, so you can accurately predict how the other person will feel about what you say or do
  •  Listen proactively so you can see how the person is reacting to what you have said

The ability to communicate effectively with bosses, colleagues, and subordinates is essential, no matter where you work.

10 useful communication skills to help you stand out from the crowd

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Empathy is the ability to accurately interpret the concern, needs, and feelings of others and is an absolutely essential interpersonal skill for anyone. Advancing your empathy skills will pay off continuously for many years.

Finding the balance using empathy is important and to do that you will need to understand what the 3 types of empathy are.

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There are literally 100’s of different styles of leading and just as many leadership models, it can be extremely frustrating trying to separate the good from the bad, but Daniel Goleman has done an extremely good job of it. Daniel Goleman’s six leadership styles have been produced from his years of research which is extremely extensive!

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Understanding what is important to ourselves and to others is the cornerstone of motivation, but there are different types of motivation. In its simplest form, we are drawn toward the things that give us pleasure and move away from anything that causes us pain.

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a group of skills that with practice can be developed into a very powerful part of your interpersonal skills tool kit. Improving your emotional intelligence (EQ) will get your interpersonal skills through the roof!

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Check out this short video where Daniel Goleman breaks down emotional intelligence into its different sections and explains how they relate to each other.

So, what did you think? Are you particularly strong in any of these skills? If you’re dedicated to developing your interpersonal skills, check out some of the similar posts. Make a difference today and level up your interpersonal skills!

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