Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence, Discover the 5 Associated Attributes

Are your emotions or the emotions of others you interact with holding you back from being as successful as you want to be?

Back in 1996, Daniel Goleman drew back the curtains and literally wrote the book on Emotional Intelligence, in doing this he gave a new set of tools to many people who were previously hard working but struggling to achieve their lifelong goals.

Through his extraordinary research, Daniel Goleman determined that Emotional Intelligence was a new and powerful way of looking at how the worlds most successful people can achieve as much as they do. Daniel Goleman’s work shows why Emotionally Intelligent people are more successful and how they do it by breaking down emotional intelligence into 5 attributes.

Self Awareness

Self-awareness is the foundation of what all other emotional intelligence attributes are developed from. Some great ideas to help you gain control of your emotions to improve life experiences, better work life balance and improve your ability to change.

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Self Regulation

Self Management over your emotions is extremely important if you want to influence the people you interact with, but to focus on how you feel without regard for your values can produce very negative feelings.

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To influence people, you need to have the ability to understand how other people are feeling. Only when you understand how somebody else is actually feeling can you take the correct action.

  • 5 Elements of empathy
  • 4 Definitions of empathy
  • 3 Types of empathy

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Motivation can often be the difference between success and failure

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People Skills

People skills is a vast topic, but this article has done a great job at listing some of the top people skills that you need to ensure that everyone benefits when interacting with people.

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Emotional Intelligence Daniel Goleman

Extensive research shows that IQ or relevant experience is not the strongest indicators of success. When tested alongside 33 other important skills, emotional intelligence was found to be the strongest predictor of performance accounting for success in all types of jobs 58% of the time!

If you are finding it frustrating or difficult to get where you want to go in life, development of your emotional intelligence

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