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Who is Carol Dweck?

Summary of who Carol Dweck is, what she has achieved and why what she says is worth listening to!

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What is Growth Mindset

The short version with no big words, but still informative and accurate. If you’re new to the growth mindset this short outline will help you understand the “idea” of what the growth mindset is all about and how it applies to different environments and people. Listed are the benefits of the growth mindset and the basic differences between a fixed and a growth mindset

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Growth and Fixed Mindset

An informative article detailing how our beliefs affect our behavior and can go onto determine our likely success or failure. There are some great quotes from Carol Dweck in one she gives uses a game of cards to show the differences between a Growth and Fixed Mindset, this makes it super easy to understand why those with a fixed mindset struggle to get where they want to go. The different traits of both a growth and a fixed mindset are clearly explained and as an added bonus the pitfalls of incorrect praise are also clearly highlighted as are the remedies to this common problem. In the later sections, the effect of a growth vs fixed mindset on a relationship is outlined. This article is a packed summary of the book Mindset to read this the point of understanding will deeply improve your self-awareness of both growth and fixed mindsets.

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Growth Mindset in Business

Carol Dweck’s Mindset work began with research into how children cope with failure, as her work has become more extensive and grown the benefits of the growth mindset have extended into other environments where

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