Secrets To Their Success

Improve Your Communication Skills

There’s lots of different situations where we need to use communication. For example, it may be where you need at work to get your people to deliver a better result or something better than they were doing before, in which case you need to learn

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Why is Communication So Important?

So, today we’re here to discuss: Are communication skills holding you back from getting you to the next level of success in your life? How big a part of our lives is communication? I’ll just want to share a few stats  that I’ve recently read

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How To Be A Leader – The Great Leadership Traits

Do you want to know what makes a great leader? First, you need to understand there’s already a small group of very smart managers and leaders out there that are already achieving unbelievable levels of productivity, even from unmotivated team members. Still wants to know

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Growth Mindset for Kids

Adapting the principles of a “Growth Mindset” may be becoming one of the most popular new psychological concepts in UK schools right now, but recently, questions are being asked about exactly how effectively that message is being delivered to children. Ever since Carol Dweck first

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Benefits of Four Day Work Week

How would you feel about being able to take an extra day off every week, without having to take a pay cut? Well maybe one day in the future, you can! Calls for a 4 day work week have been growing recently with the UK’s

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Improve Your Management Skills in 2019

How busy are you today? It’s funny how we can convince ourselves we are being productive, just because we are “busy”. Our entire culture promotes busyness, its good to be busy – right? Running from meeting to meeting, responding to an ever-increasing list of emails,

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People Management Skills You Need

I’m going to introduce a word that you may not have heard before. But trust me. It’s going to become more and more familiar to a lot of employers and employees in the future. And it’s going to be a big part of what people

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What is Success?

Success is the accomplishment of a worthy aim or purpose. Success can mean almost anything, the “Worthy” part of the definition is what makes all the difference. It covers the beginner runner to the Olympic athlete. Even though there is a huge gap between them

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How To Develop Delegation Skills

“The secret of success is not in doing your own work, but in recognising the right person to do it.” – Andrew Carnegie The great American businessman and philanthropist died almost 100 year ago yet these powerful words still ring true today. The Art of

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Daniel Goleman’s – Coaching Leadership Style

Coaching Leadership Style The coaching leadership style focuses on developing people for the future by joining the development of individuals goals with the long term goals of an organization’s success. The coaching leadership style develops people professionally working on identifying weaknesses and improving their skill

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Daniel Goleman’s – Pacesetting Leadership Style

Pacesetting Leadership Style The Pacesetting leadership style is very results focused, it focuses on the end result more than the way the results are achieved. Leaders using the pacesetting leadership lifestyle expect excellent performance from their teams when results are below expectations the leader will often jump up

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Daniel Goleman’s – Democratic Leadership Style

Democratic Leadership Style The democratic leadership style is used to gain vital facts and information from the experts or those with the relevant knowledge in your team.  It focuses more on listening than it does directing and encourages participation from employees. As a leader this leadership style is vital,

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Daniel Goleman’s – Affiliative Leadership Style

Affiliative Leadership Style As a leader, you will inevitably be challenged with situations where people will disagree with what you or others are saying or doing and there will be times of confrontation.  Regardless of your best efforts these confrontations and the emotions that come attached

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Daniel Goleman’s – Visionary Leadership Style

Visionary Leadership Style Visionary leaders have a good understanding of the bigger picture and they communicate using their relevant experience confidently.  A real visionary leader will not only explain where people are going they will also be able to explain why getting there is important and beneficial

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Daniel Goleman’s Six Leadership Styles

Daniel Goleman’s Six Leadership Styles Are you aware of what leadership style or styles you are currently using? If the answer to this is no then great news! Learning what the leadership styles are is easy and will 100% help you to quickly become a

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Carol Dweck – Mindset

Who is Carol Dweck?   Summary of who Carol Dweck is, what she has achieved and why what she says is worth listening to! Via Mindset Online       What is Growth Mindset The short version with no big words, but still informative and accurate.

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5 Interpersonal Skills You Need to Succeed

If you’re highly motivated but struggling to get where you want to go, then improving your people skills could be the key to your future success. All of our endeavors, whatever they may be involve nurturing positive relations with the people we interact with. What if

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